coffee shop hanging wall sign with brand logo


Moon Coffee Shop is a trendy coffee shop located in the heart of the city, known for its industrial-style interior and high-quality coffee. The owners approached us with a request to create a unique branding that would reflect the essence of their coffee shop and differentiate them from the competition.

We had to come up with a design that would incorporate the industrial vibe of the shop, but also incorporate the softness and elegance embodied by the moon.

Cozy coffee shop with inviting wooden tables and comfortable chairs and couches. Warm ambient lighting fills the space.
filter coffee maker, cup of coffee and milk powder coffee measures displayed on table
coffee shop brown paper bag with name and brand logo printed


The branding concept we developed aimed to highlight Moon Coffee Shop’s unique character. To achieve this, we focused on the radiant essence of the moon, which inspired us to create a logo featuring a simple, yet elegant design that captures the shape of the moon combined with an abstract cup of coffee.

To emphasize the glowing light of the moon, we chose a particularly luminous sign for the entrance of the shop.

We created characters to complement the branding and add extra personality. These characters feature the different types of brewing methods used at the coffee shop and were designed with clean lines to reflect the shop’s clean & industrial vibe.

coffee shop glass door vinyl sign. With quote that reads "Choose your favorite brewing method"
filter coffee maker and green plants displayed on a table
Delicious chocolate chip cookies. With a background in which you can see more cookies in a paper bag and a glass of milk


Our branding concept effectively conveyed the distinctive personality of Moon Coffee Shop, setting it apart from competitors in the market.

By blending the radiant quality of the moon with the sleek simplicity of the character design, we achieved a seamless integration with the shop’s industrial ambiance. The result was a captivating and coherent branding approach that truly captured the essence of the business.

tote bag with guy ilustration hanging on the wall
Cozy coffee shop with inviting wooden tables and comfortable chairs. Warm ambient lighting fills the space and a window that lets in natural light.
coffee shop chalkboard menu and apron with brand name and logo