street advertisement made for several image featuring organic cosmetics.

The challenge

Sane is an organic cosmetics brand that focuses on sustainable living.
They needed an Identity that would stand out in a crowded market while still being elegant, feminine, and appropriate for the product.

Together with their branding, they needed a line of packaging, merch, and banners to spread awareness of the brand on the streets.

Logo Sane Brand Organic Cosmetics

Branding Approach

To achieve the brand objective, we used bold colors and a modern font to ensure maximum visibility but we also used softer colors and more traditional fonts to ensure a certain level of elegance and sophistication.

To create a vibrant and eye-catching design, we chose to use mosaic patterns artwork that will draw attention to the brand and create a memorable impression, together with a female face silhouette to give the design an air of sophistication and femininity.

The pattern of a mosaic has been used throughout history and across cultures, making the design timeless, yet classy.

Yellow pastel tag of organic cosmetics, with brand logo and name in orange
street advertisement made of three pictures. With quote that reads "SANE was born out of love for ourselves and the world"
hands holding two organic cosmetic pots of cream. Made of cardboard in pastel colors, orange and yellow.

Packaging & Banners

For the packaging, we wanted to create something that was both eye-catching and sustainable. We used eco-friendly cardboard material, and for the design, we used colors and patterns that would help the product stand out on shelves.

We also designed a reusable bag to provide a stylish and convenient way to carry items while being more mindful of the environment.

For the street signs and banners, we aimed to create something that would grab attention and spread the word about the brand as people walk by.

man holding tote bag with mandala design
brown paper bag of cosmetics. With brand name printed


Overall, we believe that we have been able to successfully create a lively, colorful, and yet elegant Brand Identity for Sane organic cosmetics. The brand stands out among its competitors, and the packaging and banner designs help to spread the word about the brand and its organic products. We are extremely happy we these results.

wall street banner of a smiling girl with curly hair. With quote that reads "Be your natural self and live with confidence"