Background & Challenge

Rachel and Carl are a couple who took to the open road in their camper and embarked on an epic journey around the US & Canada. With the intention of documenting their travels on social media, they decided to create a unique brand identity to accompany their content. Rachel and Carl wanted to create something that speaks to their adventurous spirit and the modern nomadic lifestyle.

They decided to go for the name Two Modern Nomads and wanted to include the Dodge Ram 3500 camper they will be living in as part of the logo.

Brand logo of a motorhome, mountains and trees.

Process & Results

After understanding Rachel and Carl’s vision through detailed conversations and a questionnaire that was designed to capture the essence of their identity, we looked into the color palette, typography, and any related visual elements that could be used to create a brand identity that resonates with their story.

We created an identity that encapsulates Rachel and Carl’s nomadic lifestyle while including their Dodge Ram 3500 camper and having an adventurous look and feel.

The logo has a badge-like shape which was important for the usage they would give to it in stickers, profile photos & other assets.

hand holding white metal mug with brand logo andname printed. Landscape background
couple sitting on a rock looking at the landscape. With quote "Twho modern nomads"