Flat infographic illustration featuring 7 Signs of poor sleep quality

The challenge

Zippz is a company that specializes in personalized CBD solutions for sleep, stress, and anxiety. 100% natural and backed by science. They got in touch with us because they wanted to expand their social media presence with informative and entertaining content.

Flat infographic illustration about Chamomile. Green background
Flat infographic illustration. Green background.
Flat infographic illustration, green background
Flat infographic illustration
Flat infographic illustration
Flat infographic illustration

Our Approach & Results

To reach their target audience, we used a combination of funny memes and educational content.

We created posts that included educational information about the science behind many ingredients, including CBD, and the effects of using it to improve sleep, stress, and anxiety. These posts featured facts and figures in an engaging way.

Finally, we used humor to create some memes featuring Zippz’s products.

The designs were very well received by Zippz’s audience, generated engagement, and helped to build trust & credibility for the brand.