Baby green with white flowers and hearts aperon
three brown pieces of baby silicone plates. With cute packaging in pastel colors
Baby toys displayed in a table, with small cloth bag and packaging box made of cardboard
Baby pink with white clouds aperon
ice cube tray with cute packaging for babys. Displayed in table with some others baby toys
Baby green and pink aperons hanging from the wall
Baby aperon, green with white flowers and hearts, hanging from a chair
Baby silicone accessories rolled up. Three different pastel colors, black, green and pink.
small white cloth bag, with brand logo and name printed. And small baby toy in mountain shape

Bellaland, a Swiss brand specializing in baby-feeding essentials, toys, and accessories, is renowned for its dedication to modern style and uncompromising quality. As a woman-owned business, Bellaland places a strong emphasis on crafting products that excel in functionality, quality, and visual allure. Our mission was to craft versatile patterns and a mailbox that embodied the brand’s distinctive elegance while ensuring these offerings were perfectly suited for both mothers and babies. The patterns seamlessly emerged from Bellaland’s refined branding palette, and it’s truly gratifying to witness them come to life in the delightful realm of baby essentials.


Product Labels
Mailing Box