4 diffetent jars sauce. orange, blue and green, pink and red. Below 8 pictures of dirferent places
Monumental Dips are a journey through diverse cultures told via the rich language of flavors and storytelling. With a pre-existing logo characterized by bold, rough typography, Monumental Dips already held a distinct place in a market crowded with sleek, polished brands.
We had two main points in mind when designing these labels:
Consistency: Maintaining brand consistency by aligning new designs with the existing logo, characterized by its rough, textured typography.
Boldness: Creating a stand-out brand identity that effectively blends traditional elements of four different countries into a new culinary experience.
/Project: Art Direction, Label design, Advertising design, Social Media Content.
2 images. Left side orange sauce jar. Rigth side, sauce dip with nachos around in a plate
Orange packaging of a melted cheese jar.
2 jar sauce. Blue and red packaging.
wall street advertising with 5 different images about taste chimichurri
3 different instagram stories with dips of sauces. Orange, blue and red.