Matthew & Barbara own a dental practice in San Antonio, TX. Matthew’s dad has carried on this practice since 1968, with the particularity that they do holistic treatments, which means they consider the overall well-being of the patient in addition to their dental health. Holistic dentistry emphasizes the use of non-toxic materials and procedures that promote overall health.

Matthew worked alongside his dad for years until he and his wife took over the business and got ready to take it to the next level.

They got in touch with us because they needed new branding. The main goal of the branding was to create brand recognition across their different locations, as well as in all brand materials.

Waiting area in a Dental office.

Process & Approach

After going through the brand strategy call, the direction for this branding was very clear. We had the moodboard & creative direction approved, so we got into making.

The new name was going to be Daggett Dental Care, so decided to use the word ‘Daggett’ as the main version of the logo with a customized typography since this business has been recognized that way for years.

We wanted to personalize this branding with a touch of Texas, so we added the Texas star babyy! Small and delicate, to align with the look & feel.

Most of the colors were design to match the interior design of the office, which had different shades of gray, black & white.

two dental care cards
dental instrumenal and cardboard to count the appointments
women wearing white coat holding a toothbrush and glass of water. toothpast tube
Dental care magazine

Barb & Matthew were incredibly happy with the new personality and energy their new business has. It feels elegant and elevated. Now they can proudly hand off business cards & their customers can comfortably go to any of their locations knowing they will be taken care of like familiy.

Brand pen and dental care office cards