Cosmetic cream pot made of green glass
packaging box made of green cardboar, with brand name "Luna"

The Challenge

Intense Formulas was planning to launch Luna, a cosmetic line of face serum and deep repair face moisturizer, and they needed to develop a style for this line that was eye-catching and unique, while still ensuring that it had a premium feel. Both products are formulated with natural ingredients and they wanted that to be reflected in the design.

Cosmetic 80ml dropper and packaging box made of green cardboard


We developed a unique style for Luna that featured a bright, colorful design and a soft-touch glossy finish for a premium feel. The design was inspired by the moon, nature’s curves & colors, with a focus on the natural ingredients used in the products. To further communicate the product benefits, we also included a description of the product and its benefits on the back of the packaging.

Overall, the style created resulted in a sophisticated and eye-catching packaging design that reflected the quality of the product while standing out from the competition.

Cosmetic cream pot made of green glass