The Botanical Alchemist, a distinguished creation from CreativeWise in collaboration with Mechi Cattaneo, invites you to explore the heart of South Africa’s wilderness. The label, a canvas of the region’s vibrant flora, reflects the essence of this unique gin. It’s a tribute to the land’s diverse botanicals. Inspired by the narrative “Deep within South Africa’s verdant realm, there exists a craftsman of the extraordinary—the Botanical Alchemist,” the label artfully symbolizes the alchemical conversion of botanicals into golden gin, echoing the heritage of traditional gin crafting.

Whether savored under the starlit sky or enjoyed in the heart of vibrant social soirées, The Botanical Alchemist is crafted for those who appreciate the extraordinary, seeking a gin with a distinct, refined flavor profile.

CreativeWise extends this experience beyond the label, developing a robust brand platform with cohesive verbal and visual language for The Botanical Alchemist, setting a distinguished and harmonious brand presence in the market.

Brand Narrative
Label Design